We have a wide variety of cakes to for different occasions like Wedding, Birthday and also Anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day or any other occasions. We provide wide range of cakes in terms of designs and flavors at one place from where you can choose your delicious cake according to specific occasion.



We offer delightful pastries by using the finest and freshest ingredients. You can choose according to your taste and flavor and enjoy every bite. We offer multiple pastries like: Black Forest, Chocolate Roll, Oreo, Pineapple, Rainbow, Pineapple Truffle, Tuti Fruity, Rum Balls etc.

Quick Bite


Feeling hungry and want to grab a bite on run. We have wide range of quick bite that can improve your eating experience. We provide multiple fresh homemade items that fill you with lip-smacking joy. You can try the yummy items like baked bean rolls, corn loaf, paneer rolls, pasta salad, pasta, sandwich etc.

Soft Drinks


We make your every day sweet and memorable with our delicious drinks. Enjoy every sip of chocolate fruit pudding, shakes and cold coffee and cool down in summer time. We produce these drinks with fresh materials that increase your taste including fulfilling your drinking needs. So enjoy these drinks and feel delighted.



We have huge variety of Donuts . You can taste these delicious fantastic Donuts. We have a various types of donuts with all shapes and size. So make your lazy weekend more exciting with our wide range of donuts.



Everybody wants something unique to take home with them. So Considering your needs and requirements, we have prepared exciting gift packs that fulfill your desires. We have perfect gift ideas for everyone for every occasion.

About Us: MAKE My Day

We provide quick and fast service:

The idea of Make My Day was born in November 2014 and the idea was put into reality in April 2015.We currently have one bakery shop in Pitampura area. We are very proud of our reputation within the region and we will always endeavor to keep high standards and quality. Customer satisfaction is the main motto of our business which is aligned to our vision to make great quality products & we are committed to provide our customers high quality products with great unique taste.

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